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    Bonas Textile Machinery NV is the inventor of the electronic jacquard machine offering you state-of-the-art technology. Our innovations are developed offering a solution to the market demand. Tell us your dreams, we’ll help you create them!

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  • Warp Separator Technology

    Warp separator possibility is the highly appreciated Bonas shed technology for the best possible weaving conditions.


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Warp Separator Technology

The warp separator is the highly appreciated Bonas technology allowing to split the warp ends in the reed dents even more. Avoiding yarns to stick to each other during crossing thus offering a cleaner shed. With the shed fine adjustments and now the warp separator possibility, Bonas offers complete flexibility and the best possible conditions to weave all kinds of fabrics. This warp separator technology is only possible on Bonas jacquard machines and is available in two versions: the terry warp separator, to split the pile from the ground ends and the odd-even warp separator, to split the odd from the even warp ends.

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