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Si Range

The Si jacquard was developed to meet the demand for high hook capacity at high speed. Thanks to the development of the micro-selector we were able to create the fastest, lightest and most compact jacquard in its range, while maintaining the strength, stability and robustness typical of Bonas jacquards.
The Si range is highly suitable for weaving all kinds of fabrics such as damask, airbags, silk, apparel, curtains, furnishing fabrics, lining, wall covering,...
The Si features meet the customer’s demands: long lifetime, low power consumption, low maintenance, high performance, flexibility, high speed,...


Si3, Si4, Si5, Si6, Si7, Si8, Si9, Si11, Si14, Si16, Si18, Si19, Si21, Si25 and Si27
Hooks ranging from 1920 to 27648 in a single jacquard!



All flat fabrics and technical fabrics.



Revolutionary drive mechanism developed especially for producing at high speed with high load and maximum flexibility.

  • Double cam box, completely balanced
  • Direct drive for high shed accuracy
  • Dwell: longer insertion time, reduced angle for optimized weaving for each application
  • Fine shed adjustments: optimal shed without tilting jacquard



Unique micro selectors, 100% electronic selection with full control and 100% diagnostics. Conceived for functioning in a dusty environment, maintenance-free and temperature-independent.



Bonas delivers harnesses of the highest quality customized for all applications from high speed to heavy duty. Quick connect for easy handling is standard.


Super structure

With its compactness and low weight the Si is highly suitable to be put directly on the loom, in some cases. The jacquard gantry is then replaced by a much lighter and much more compact “super structure”. This “super structure” can be extended with a platform around the jacquard. Naturally, this set-up greatly reduces costs and space needed.