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We@velink Data + network

Bonas Software solutions is your global software solution partner for the textile industry. Bonas created a complete suite of software applications for managing and running all operations from sales to distribution. The knowledge gained out of the in house development of customised MES software together with the in depth experience in the textile industry resulted in a unique solution: THE WE@VELINK SUITE.

In order to cope with scheduling and monitoring weaving machines in a weaving mill, Bonas has developed a network system (We@velink) which makes it possible to control the weaving machines from a central planning office.

Specially developed software generates production orders from a commercial order book. We follow your planning rules to obtain an optimal production process with the possibility to visualise the fabric, to calculate the yarn consumption, to make production sheets,... .

Production orders are sent to the best suited weaving machine using an electronic planning board.

The status of the looms is continuously monitored.

Production data are stored in a database and can be accessed through an internet from anyplace at any time.



  • Electronic planning board with a calendar and looms divided in groups on which production orders can be planned and related beams / colour palettes are visualized.
  • Connected to the loom monitoring system (calculations of the predicted end times)
  • Capacity planning
  • Indication of periods of no production per loom




  • Indication of production orders that will not be finished in time
  • Control the weaving machines from anywhere
  • Graphical overview of status of all looms (running, stopped, weaving position, amount of schedules in queue, ...)
  • Buttons with context menus that show the commands that can be executed with respect to the loom




  • Answer your clients when their order will be delivered based on actual production data
  • Search orders
  • Trace foreward and trace backward
  • Trace on different parameters: client, order, design, ...


Jacquard communication


  • Automatic connection of new machines
  • Sending designs and production orders to the loom
  • Intelligence (only overwrite if changed, with included files, verification if weavable,...)
  • Getting production data from the machines
  • Deleting files on the machines
  • Take over of controller screen


Design Edit


  • Create and edit your designs and make them weave-ready for your looms
  • Open system to all makes of jacquards
  • Add loom functions
  • Add jacquard functions
  • View production file before weaving
  • Import any type of production file


Order intake


  • Create new orders through your ERP link
  • Create new orders based on order specifications
  • Choose customer, references and design
  • All orders are planned on the production machines


Sales Module

Use the powerful We@velink modules to build an online powerfull web based sales engine.

  • Customised
  • E commerce
  • POS support
  • Web enabled
  • E-catalogue
  • ....


ERP Link

Within the We@velink suite we take care of the complete operational needs and provide a direct gateway to your administrative systems. All essential production data is fed into your ERP/Acounting systems.

  • Increase your productivity
  • More flexibility
  • Just in time production
  • Minimise waste
  • Minimise raw materials stock
  • Increase your quality
  • More profit
  • More sales
  • Be competitive
  • ....