• ZJ Range
  • Si Range
  • H3D Range
  • S800 Controller
  • We@velink Data + network
  • iS harness

ZJ Range


The ZJ range of jacquards is suitable for weaving all kind of flat fabrics such as damask, airbag, silk applications, apparel, curtains, furnishing fabrics, lining, terry,... ZJ performance meets customer demand: long lifetime, low maintenance, high performance, flexibility, high speed,...


ZJ1, ZJ2.
Hooks ranging from 1344 to 2688 for rapier appications.

ZJs1, ZJs2.
Hooks ranging from 1344 to 2688 for airjet and high speed applications.

ZJl1, ZJl2. For rapier label applications.

ZJsl1, ZJsl2. For airjet and high speed label applications. 


All flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical fabrics. 


Simplified, high - performance drive mechanism designed for rapier-, airjet- and high speed applications.

  • Double crank mechanism, completely balanced
  • Direct drive for high shed accuracy
  • Fine shed adjustments: optimal shed without tilting jacquard


Robust 100% electronic selection offering complete control and 100% diagnostic.


Bonas delivers harnesses of the highest quality customised for all applications from high speed to heavy duty. Quick connect for easy handling is standard.